Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Academic Language Written Assessment Week 34

Cell phones should be allowed in school. For example, kids could use their phones to get information from the internet. This shows that they could have another resource in class. This also shows that, they wouldn't just be getting their information from outdated text books. In addition, the usage of technology in schools are getting higher by the year. This shows that kids would be getting used to using tech in school with their personal items. This also shows that, teachers wouldn't have to stress about a tech etiquette if the children are allowed to use their technology in the class room. In conclusion, cell phones are not a burden if they are embraced and used in a positive method.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Academic Language Written Assessment Week 33

American students are falling behind academically compared to students in other countries. For example, European countries COMPARED to America, do not have social services to look forward to in their future if they are not able to find a job. This shows that, they have have to work hard when they are younger in order to have a chance at a good life. This also shows that students in foreign countries are far more ambitious when it comes to being excellent in their educational careers. In addition, I'm postive if you look online for DATA it would show that other countries are more pretigious in their studies. These websites show that other countries are leading the world in academics and we are on the bottom of the totom pole. Moreover, when it comes to American students, Asian countries have a higher RANGE in advanced knowledge and technology. In conclusion, America has fallen behind in academics due to the leisure life we live and all the piveleges that are handed to us.

Monday, April 29, 2013

JCCS Academic Language Assessment Week 31 - Vandalism

Parents should be held accountable for their child's damage. For example, parents should know where their children are when they let them out the house. This shows that, parents or guardians are responsible  for knowing when and where their children are so that no vandalism is doable. This also shows that no damage can be done if their children are held on a tight leash. Kids would not be able to ACHIEVE doing any serious corruptions if their parents taught them how to respect others peoples property. Although, kids should take responsibility for their actions parents are more at fault depending on the age level. In conclusion, Parents should be responsible for the damage that their kids cause.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Academic Language Written Assessment Week 28

Global positioning system devices should be required for habitually truant students. For example, it would be easy to ADMINISTER the devices to the children who have punctual issues. This shows that, the children will be afraid to ditch school because they would have to face the consequences. This also shows that, it wouldn't be much trouble to give the children in need the devices. Also, people would have the correct CONDUCT when it came to being in school on time. This shows that, the devices would motivate students to get to school on time. This also shows that, it would improve attendance for the school records if the kids are given something towards working out of the devices. In addition, the ELEMENT of surprise would be on the staffs side, because they could catch the student if they are out of line and not where they need to be. This shows that, the staff would know exactly where the students are at all times. This also shows that, the student would know that they are being watched and would make an effort to be were they need to be. In conclusion, Gps devices would benefit a school and also the students who are supposed to attend school everyday.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Academic Language Written Assessment Week 30

"D" grades should not be eliminated. For example, kids seem to INTERACT more in school when they realize that they are failing. This shows that, "D" grades serves as a warning to the student to get more on top of things. This also shows that, the kids benefit from the warning instead of just falling straight to a "F". In addition, having "D" grades would throw off people even more than school already does. The alphabet does not skip the letter "D" so why should grades?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Academic Language Written Assessment Week 29- School Conferences

Parents should not be incarcerated if they miss school conferences. For example, the parents could have more relevent priorites to worry about, such as a job to pay bills. This shows that, the parent shouldn't be punished for their absence if they had a valid reason. This also shows that, the children are fully capable of going to the meeting themselves and TRANSPORTING the information without a gaurdian present if they know that their mom or dad is not available. In addition, the parent might be the only one bringing in food and supplies into the household. This shows that, this is even more of a disadvantage when it comes to making the meetings. This also shows that,teachers should be more understanding with their expectations because not everybody has the same home situation. Parents are always SEEKING a way to provide for their children and make sure they are doing their best in school. Also, teachers and parents have other RESOURCES in order to communicate with each other. In conclusion, parents should not be held accountable if and when they miss their student teacher conferences.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Academic Language Written Assessment Week 27

School officials do have the right to have drug sniffing dogs. For example, without these precautions people would be able to smuggle illegal drugs that much easier. This shows that, officials should be able to ACCUSE students and search them in order to protect the greater good. This also shows that, the selling and distributing would be shorten by a substantial amount. In addition, the PROCESS of the search dogs would be more beneficial and efficient before the students have chance to use the drugs. This shows that, the dogs could RESPOND before the drugs effect a school campus and spread its poison. In conclusion, drug sniffing dogs would benefit the schools in a positive way and stop a problem before it starts.